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Summer And Sunshine
Mommy Musings
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Teresa Hammond

We’re just a handful of days from the official first day of summer, yet somehow Mother Nature has missed that memo. At least that was the case last weekend, though by the time this goes to print we might once again find ourselves amidst an unseasonable thunderstorm.

Lots of craziness by way of weather, that’s for sure. Unpacking/packing away the seasonal clothes has been put off long enough … I guess. Truth be told, I’m leaning toward just picking a few items from all seasons (a la on a European vacation) and see how that fares. In short, I’m not completely confident in what is going on with this weather.

Last weekend was a hot one. The type that makes you long for the pool, a cool beverage and a night filled with a beautiful sunset. It was also the first weekend I felt I had opportunity to sit, look around and just feel blessed by my surroundings and those I share it with.

As the weekend came to a close, I came upon a quote from a friend on social media which simply stated, “Create a life that feels good.”

Perhaps it was the simplicity and joy of three days well spent, perhaps it was the days and plans which lay ahead or just simply the company I found myself in, but this quote hit me.

I find myself on social media a lot less the past eight months. It’s a habit I’ve honestly spent the better part of the past five years trying to break. Yes, five years and while I’m not proud to admit that, I am honest and do recognize too much of my life and relationships were being fostered “virtually” versus in real time.

So much of our time in this day and age is being spent on our phones. One friend shared recently we spend so much time on our phones, but we’re not talking to one another. Further stating, we used to be charged for the minutes we talked on our phones, now it’s free and no one is talking.

She’s a wise friend in my opinion. As I listened to her clever observation, I thought of its truth and the conscious image I’ve worked on when modeling with my own children.

Now, free of the addiction and recognizing my phone more as a business tool and event planner for my tribe and my children, I have little issue putting it aside. Weekends feel so free not wondering where my phone is (aside from grabbing a photo) or feeling the need to check e-mail or the status of someone else’s life via social media.

I’ve also enjoyed using the phone feature, to call friends, often leaving a voicemail when not able to connect. Sometimes just simply stating, “You crossed my mind. I love you.”

The simplest voicemail I’ve come to realize is sort of like a hand written card now, rare and valuable to the recipient.

So what’s the point of all this really?

Well, I guess to me it’s quite simple and goes back to that quote. As you pass the days of summer and sunshine, create a life that feels good. The beauty and true magic of intentionally living this way, is that it causes no harm to those around you and may even offer your own little spark of sunshine over their life. Now that’s just simply good stuff in any season. Cheers and happy summer.


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.