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Mommy Musings 12-11-19
Backing The Bike

I’ve got a beef to pick with keyboard warriors.

I’ve touched on this topic in past pieces, but this past week I watched it once again go next level as a Peloton bike commercial fell under much scrutiny and criticism via keyboard warrior ignorance (in my opinion).

Pretty sure I may have heard a few throats clear and some start to bubble in anger as I take the opposing side of what made headline news this last week, but I’m sorry (not sorry) this just blows my mind.

First, I must point out the obvious – it’s a commercial. A simple 30 second Christmas commercial at that.

For those unaware, it documents a fit woman receiving the pricey stationary bike as a gift from her husband. Thrilled by the generous gift, she does what most do in “real” life – takes selfies, videos herself riding and one year later, thanks her husband. In short she claims the addition of the bike to her daily routine – changed her life.

Again, it’s a commercial. It happens to be a commercial that I identify with. Yet somehow the keyboard warriors have torn this 30 seconds all apart to be one of the most barbaric things on television this holiday season.

That’s about as much time as I’m going to give the negative press in my column space. Instead, I like to speak from the side of the fit person who enjoys challenge.

While I am not 125 pounds, I have had my fair share of days as a “fit” person and am well on my way returning to said body from an “aging” injury. Maintaining fitness is so important to me, that my partner actually asked if I’d like him to pay my gym membership for the following year for Christmas.

Hey, guess what, that did not offend me in the slightest. I enjoy being in good shape, working hard for a set goal and I really appreciate a partner who supports this. That being said, I’m not a cyclist, but I can promise you if I opened my eyes to a Peloton bike Christmas morning; first I would undoubtedly cry and then … I’d become a cycling enthusiast, just like the actress and my real life girlfriend who swears hers changed her life. True story.

Yet somehow we’ve become so driven to run on hate and criticism that we’ve lost the “atta girl, good for you” spirit which is really what life should be all about.

There’s another newsflash I just thought I’d offer for those so busy typing hate that they don’t know about this “fit” life we speak of. While some are “naturally” thin, there’s a whole other camp who maintain the body and fitness you see because they’re dedicated to a workout routine.

A great example of this can be found in the December/January 209 Magazine where lifelong fitness enthusiast Sherry Dillard shares her story and a midlife fitness goal. Dillard has never been overweight, but she has been a gym rat since the early age of 18. Imagine that, never overweight, yet goes to the gym? How rude. I wonder if her husband has paid for those memberships, I mean … what a jerk. (That’s sarcasm).

Are you all following me in on this?

As I type this, it’s less than three weeks to Christmas and I’m sitting in my gym clothes at my desk. I actually re-scheduled my workout class because this whole ridiculous notion was blowing up my brain. Maybe I’m just a bit passionate about encouraging one another to stay healthy – pretty simple.

You see, here’s the thing, whether the person on the bike was a 125-pound female, 200-pound male or someone in between, she was dedicated to herself and her health and to that I say, Bravo.

Oh yes, spare me all the obvious whining of sexism, using a thin person over a thick one, blah, blah, blah. Live and let live because again … It’s a commercial.

So now here’s the fun part: to the husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother or friend with something fitness related sitting on your Christmas list – go buy it! Bring a smile to the person you know so well that you know will not only make their Christmas but maybe, yes, even change their life.

Eight short years ago my parents gifted this single mom with two young kids with Christmas money to buy my first treadmill. That equipment saw me through many “24” TV show marathons, lots of movies, some personal therapy, as well as training for five, yes five Full Marathons, as well as many other fitness goals. In short – it changed my life.

Merry (Peloton) Fitmas!


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.