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Stuff N Nonsense - Things That Go Bump
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I’ve always been fascinated by the paranormal. I embrace the theory that there is something beyond the life that we experience in the here and now for I cannot imagine that this is it. Throughout my life I’ve encountered a number of experiences that may qualify as paranormal from a phantom touch on my shoulder to noises that don’t belong and while I may have been a bit freaked out at the moment, it only served to whip up my enthusiasm and interest in the subject later.

So when the Western Region Paranormal Research coordinators contacted The Leader to conduct an investigation on the building, I nearly wet myself from excitement. Of course, I watch shows such as Ghost Hunters with TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) and the idea that a similar group was going to come to our humble “home” was just too amazing for words. My husband — who doesn’t share my beliefs — simply rolled his eyes when I told him, all atwitter that this was going to happen. Times like these he’s probably wondering what else he missed in the fine print of our marriage vows for he definitely didn’t remember signing on for having a wife who likes to chase ghosts, read tarot cards, and go to psychic fairs.

I’ve been told numerous times that I am a very intuitive person but my third eye remains closed. However, when I’m ready it will open and my true psychic abilities will flourish. Well, I think it’s still closed but I do have a fair amount of “awareness” of certain things. This came into play when the investigators came to the building. If you read last week’s Leader (April 21) you know I wrote the story on the investigation, so as they were going through the motions, attempting to capture EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and monitoring the EMF (Electromagnetic Field) I was trying to remain as a fly on the wall, observant and silent, so as not to disturb their process. It went well and it was great fun watching how they operate but I noticed that each time there was some kind of response that could be construed as “paranormal” my body had a corresponding reaction. At first it was just my left side that would tingle and come alive as if a thousand ants were crawling over me, then it was an all over body shudder that would come in waves. At one point in the building I was overwhelmed with the urge to get out of that particular space and I admitted I rarely went into that room as it was uncomfortable to me. The “sensitive” agreed there was a presence in the room that did not want us in there and was attempting to get us to leave his “sanctuary.” Well, all I can say is I was getting his frequency loud and clear because I did not want to stay in that spot!

It’s funny what you discover about yourself or your family history when you start digging around. During a casual conversation with my paternal grandmother I learned in her youth she used to read palms and she was quite good at it. As the story goes my grandfather was uncomfortable with the attention that came with my grandmother’s hobby and insisted that she stop. Of course, it was a different generation then and she did as her husband asked. What a shame, I told her. I wish she would’ve taught me. My maternal grandmother, who is Irish, admitted she’d often experienced psychic episodes in her youth but it frightened her so she ignored it until it went away.

I believe my heritage lends itself to a certain spiritual awareness having both Native American and Celtic ancestry and I’m not surprised any longer by incidents that happen when I’m around.

My younger son used to have a bit of this in him as well. When he was little he used to see things that at times, were a little disconcerting for a young mother, such as I was. But children are open to things adults are not, and so it wasn’t surprising to me. His third eye has since closed, as most do, and I doubt he’s lamenting this fact.

There are plenty of people — the hubby included — who think it’s all a bunch of hogwash and believe there’s always a logical explanation for the things that seem to go bump in the night and I agree. The logical answer is quite simple: there are things out there we can’t possibly understand but that’s not to say that we won’t someday. Perhaps in the future, when we evolve just a bit more, the knowledge of what comes next will be as common as the theory of relativity. Perhaps they’ll even teach a course in school on the subject.

I look forward to that evolution — because I’m already a believer and I’m ready for the world around me to catch up.


Kim Van Meter is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News, and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.