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FinallyA New Release
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It’s felt like forever (10 months between releases is too long in my estimation) but finally, my sixth book will hit the shelves the second week in July and I’m so excited.
My author copies came in about two weeks ago and there was much “squeeing” on my part as I busted open the first box and I held that beautiful piece of work in my hands, flipped through the pages, reread bits and pieces here and there, and simply marveled at the fact that I, in fact, write novels for a living.
People have asked me how many books I’ve written thus far and the number is 10. I have books contracted through 2010 with Superromance and Silhouette Romantic Suspense (release dates: July and November 2009; April and August 2010) and those books are already written. The books I will be starting in a few months will be slated for 2011. Mind-boggling, huh? Another thing people often wonder is how I find the time to be a full-time reporter, mom, wife, volunteer, and still write multiple books in one calendar year. The easy answer is that I write incredibly fast. But the gritty truth is I have a borderline obsessive personality when it comes to my writing. When I’m knee-deep in a new project it’s all I think about, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. In the back of my mind, it’s always there, characters, scenes, plot problems, etc. When I sit down to write (usually from 9 p.m. to about midnight) I can kick out 20 pages if I’m really moving but the norm is about 10 pages and that’s a good pace. It takes me about two months to write a book and I tend to jump right into a new project a few days after I’ve finished the previous one. I get antsy and depressed when I don’t have something to work on so although a break is good for the mental batteries, I usually have to force myself to keep away until I just can’t take it any longer. My husband likes to spend as much time with me as he can when I’m project-free because I tend to be very distracted when I’m on deadline. So we go to movies, dinner, bike rides, etc. And it’s good. I like it but in the back of my mind I’m thinking about what’s next on my writing schedule. See what I mean about obsessive? He’s really good about drawing me back to the family when I start to float away in my head. I don’t know what I’d do without him. (Thanks honey!)
Life has changed a lot since I became published. The changes started small (as were the paychecks) but things have steadily gotten busier and more exciting with more opportunity (and more money) so I can’t complain. I have a new website that will go live in July that will also premiere my new book trailer for the July release (Kids On The Doorstep, Harlequin Superromance) as well as some fun interactive items such as interviews and such so it’s going to be great. Don’t forget to check it out. Also, I’m compiling a new mailing list for the nifty promotional stuff I’m doing so if you want to get in on that action, just email me your mailing addy and I’ll put you on the list.
I have a few other projects I’m working on so I hope to have exciting news to share a little while later. But I can share that three of my novels have been released in France and that was very exciting. Foreign releases are fun and if you get the right country, its good money. Plus, I admit, I was tickled beyond measure to be able to give my French releases to my former high school French teacher. Very cool moment.
So, that’s about it. To recap, my newest book (another in the Emmett’s Mill series) will hit the stores the second week of July so if you’re itching to get a copy please don’t wait. I can’t tell you how many times people ask why they can’t find my books three months after the release date. My books will only be out and available in the brick and mortar stores during the month of July. After that, you’ll have to go online to purchase at either or