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Thank You To Oakdale High School Football
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Dear Editor,

Our dad, Cecil Muniain, was smiling ear to ear Friday, September 2, from his favorite seat in the football stadium. There was a combined effort by many individuals prior to the game, and during the game to honor our father. We thank ALL of the people involved in addressing his memory and his love, for the Oakdale Mustang Football team. Our family was touched by the words of Pete Simoncini at the start of the game and the honor by the crowd attending the game. Dave Bacigalupi deserves a big round of applause for directing so much attention to the memory of our father. Cher Bairos, Dave, and members of the Oakdale Quarterback Club coordinated to allow ample seating around dad’s favorite spot in the bleachers. This is a big deal and takes tons of cooperation to secure seating just in front of the announcer’s booth!

Dad would have been thrilled beyond words to have viewed the terrific team spirit that took place among the Oakdale Mustangs that evening.

There was motivation displayed by the Mustangs offensive line in opening the plays for the running backs and the defensive line matched their enthusiasm with skill. The game was well rounded with the defensive line adding to the victory of the evening as well. Our dad always watched all the players … from the kicker to the quarterback. So this game was special in that so many members of the team added to the end victory of the game. It was a great night for Oakdale Mustang Football and a special night for our father, Cecil Muniain. Thank you to everyone!


The Cecil Muniain Family