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Set The Record Straight
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Dear Editor,

City Hall would be a good place to start for the City of Oakdale to cut back expenses.

Many years ago I was doing business as a State Licensed Building Contractor.

I made the mistake of doing a few small jobs in Oakdale. I have been out of the business for over 10 years, am now semi retired truck driver. Over the past years Oakdale has sent me a “notice of non-compliance” threatening me for not having a City Business License. I have gone to the trouble and expense to look up my records and take them in to the City. Each time they assured me that I have been removed from the computer and it would not happen again.

On Feb. 15, 2011 I received yet another one, 12 pages at a postal charge of $.78. Among other things the letter states that “you are currently conducting business without a City of Oakdale business license. We are prepared to take all actions necessary to effect payment.” … “Fees constitute debt to the City: civil and criminal liability for violation.”

On Feb. 15 I took a typed letter from me to City Hall explaining all of this. They refused to accept my letter. I asked if they knew they could look up my past business on the Internet, ‘Contractors State License Board.’ The lady said “Oh I know all about that.” I asked why they didn’t do that to avoid a lot of problems, time, and trouble.  She stated “We don’t do that.” I then went to the post office and mailed the letter “return receipt.” The City still had to sign for and accept my letter but by doing this I had to pay $5.50 postage, to send the letter about four blocks.

I consider this outright harassment by the City as it occurs repeatedly.

Perhaps there are others out there being similarly harassed by the City that may want to join me in a suit against the City if this practice continues.

Dan Qualls