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Nod Goes To Wikoff
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Dear Editor,

I would like to express my support for a man, who in my opinion stands for integrity, honesty and has experience. He also has a passion for getting things done in an appropriate timescale. He is a local public figure who’s affiliated with many Oakdale citywide organizations, and is known to many of you. He is hard working and thorough in his pursuit of excellence. Many times when things are not going well, it is a human trait to want “change,” usually voting people into office due to obvious frustrations and personal inabilities to make a difference themselves. Many of you are well aware that although change is healthy and needed for growth, that on occasion we need stability, maturity and experience. This is I believe what is needed today for Oakdale. I am an RN, working in FCMC at Oak Valley Hospital, and have lived through many changes in the last 10 years at the local Oak Valley Community Hospital. Experience is what is needed at this organization and this is why I encourage you to vote for Bob Wikoff, a Christian, a man of integrity, a man with experience in health care management. I hope you will join me in understanding the need for some stability, sincerity and some one who appreciates an honest days work.

Yours sincerely,

Stephanie Yacoub, RNC, CLC