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Looking At The Past
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Dear Editor,

Pat Paul who lost the election as supervisor, is running for the second time for Mayor in the city of Oakdale.

People do not forget what Paul did as a Supervisor.

The scandal of the abuse of using county credit card, and accepting a free gift from a developer and was fined $6,500 from the FPPC for not reporting on her disclosure statement. As a Councilwoman and Supervisor for Oakdale, Paul has no accomplishments, no projects that left a mark for city our county. Paul has never stated how she would balance the budget, is it going to be more taxes on the taxpayer?

The main issue now is that the city maintain a balanced budget in this economy for now.

Pat Paul said she would like to see that the Police Chief move into the city. As I can recall or maybe the law has changed, back in November 1970, state legislature passed a law, Government Code Section 50083 provides “No local agency or district shall require that is employees be residents of such local agency or district.” Local agency means City.

After November 1970 City cannot insist that anyone, be a resident of the City, except when you run for an office of that city.

Paul mention she would like to cut manager salary, Paul never once fought to change the law for supervisor, her salary was little over $69,000 for a part time job plus retirement.

Paul mention, the city needs to be more friendlier to businesses. Paul never mention how she would bring more businesses into Oakdale. Paul never did when she was a supervisor for the County. Businesses don’t come to Oakdale because the high price of being here, building permits and PG&E, even the cut rate doesn’t help.

A good Mayor and Councilmen and Women, is doing something good for the city, not just talk to walk, building a good city means good budgeting, spending a little, but keep a good budget for the rainy day. Never letting the budget become short or using money that has been accumulated on non-essential items.

When the bad economy hits, you have the money to cover the expenses on major items and wages.

I know what Pat Paul has done in the past, I would give her a NO vote again.

Alice Manrique Garcia