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Letters to the Editor
Letters to Editor

OID Election Important


Dear Editor,

As we near the election for OID, many wonder why there are challengers to the incumbents and current administration. Integrity and fairness is the primary reason. OID’s use of outside attorneys to seek legal action against customers and directors – rather than seeking compromise. OID’s unfair treatment of the residents of the City of Oakdale – who pay over $1 million in taxes every year and who should receive some value for the water they no longer receive. It is time for a change, time to find better ways to use ‘excess water’ – rather than selling it to the highest bidder – replenish the aquifers in Oakdale. Stop over pumping of ground water – help to replenish the dry wells, help to keep the small farmer here. Grover Francis and Don Taro are candidates who will demand these changes. A new Board will help to focus OID on being a benevolent agency for all the citizens of this area – not just the favored few. Please vote on November 7th (or by absentee ballot).


Damon Woods