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Is Board Ganging Up?
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Dear Editor,

Part of the Oak Valley Hospital Governing Body (OVHGB) meeting on March 23 was a time consuming, political circus. It was very clear to us that there is a power caucus “Gang of Four” (Mr. Chun, Mr. Cummins, Dr. Chock and Ms. Sanders) that would do anything to keep Robert Wikoff off of the board.

Mr. Wikoff was nominated by CHW to fill the Community Member position vacancy. Board members and people in the audience spoke to his honesty, integrity and vast experience in similar capacities. The “Gang” tried to stop his appointment by saying that the voters had spoken and they would not undermine the electoral process by voting him onto the Board.

Nobody voted against Mr. Wikoff in the November elections. It’s just that the present Board members received more votes than he did. Mr. Wikoff came in fourth place in the popular vote. So how is this appointment against the electoral process as they stated? This Board position has nothing to do with the electoral process. However, if it did he would be the next logical person to fill the vacancy.

In a bold move, the “Gang of Four” tried to interpret the verbiage in the bylaws to keep Board member and CHW representative Mr. Wiley from voting. Thereby, affecting the outcome of the vote more to their favor. The OVHGB attorney stated his opinion that all Board members had a vote. When the vote was called Mr. Wikoff was placed on the Board in the position of Community Member.

Bob Wikoff only gets one vote on the Board. What is the “Gang” so afraid of? Maybe they’re afraid he’ll pursue quality health care in Oakdale.

Mr. and Mrs. William Latimer