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Letters to Editor

Orange Blossom’s Brightest Star

Dear Editor,

Stanislaus County 4-H recently hosted their annual Leaders Recognition Dinner. The event took place on February 5, 2016 at the Turlock Fairgrounds, where a dinner and awards ceremony honored 4-H project leaders across the county to celebrate milestones and pay tribute to their hard work. Among those recognized was Ms. Joyce Reed, who has been a 4-H project leader for Orange Blossom 4-H Club for an amazing forty-five years.

Joyce Reed has served as a leader for the speech, teen etiquette, and citizenship projects at the club level. More notably, Ms. Reed has worked at the county and state level, coordinating the California and Washington D.C. Focus programs, and traveling with young people to the Capitol since the 1970s. Additionally, she has written curriculum for the State 4-H Citizenship Program. Locally, Ms. Reed is known for her years of service as a teacher at Oakdale Junior High, where she taught Home Economics, Literature, Health, and started the “Baby Think It Over” program. No doubt, she has touched many lives and inspired hundreds, if not thousands, of young people through her service and dedication.

Several leaders and adults from Orange Blossom 4-H, as well as some of her family members, attended the dinner with Ms. Reed. Not only was Ms. Reed presented with a plaque from the county, but the club also presented her with other gifts, including a gold clover lapel pin. The Orange Blossom 4-H Club would like to extend its greatest appreciation and gratitude to Ms. Joyce Reed for her countless hours of dedication, unconditional support, and endless wisdom, guidance, and commitment to young people.

Molly Terpstra, Reporter

On Behalf Of

Orange Blossom 4-H