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Fly The Flag Respectfully
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Dear Editor,

Our American Flag should be out on F St. for Veterans Day. We were very concerned that so few people took the time to honor our Veterans on Veterans Day 11-11-11. We put our flag out on special days, and certainly Veterans Day should have been honored in this Oakdale community. There were very few neighborhoods who had their flags out. Yes, it was raining after 1 p.m., but even before the rain began there were only a handful of flags out.

Let’s all be proud of our country and our young military and all that have served to make our country free. If you don’t have an American flag, purchase one, and read how the flag should be displayed. The Oakdale Veterans of Foreign Wars had their first ceremony at The William A. Fish Park in Oakdale. Even though it rained at that time it was a very nice service to our Veterans. Hopefully more will turn out next year.

Thank you,

Larry and Bev Shetterly