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Be Wary Of Accusations
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Dear Editor,

The Oakdale Leader on Jan. 19, 2011, ran in their print edition a letter-to-editor reflecting what I consider undeserved loathing and venomous, non-factual remarks. These accusations were spewed against one of our elected officials.

However, the citizens of Oakdale who have read that particular letter-to-editor… and they are many people… could now, please, consider questionable thinking processes of the letter’s author; because her accusatory thoughts can harm this city, or harm a person who has volunteered to lead the city for awhile.

I refer you to the same author’s “open communications” opinion to City Council on Aug. 16, 2004 when she publicly made “terrorists” statements regarding a federally financed airport expansion for Oakdale.

The following is from the Aug. 16, 2004 approved official city minutes of the City of Oakdale. I have deleted her name:


“ … East “D” Street, Oakdale commented on the safety factor due to being at war with the terrorists. Without a terrorist plan at the Oakdale airport, it could be a launching pad for terrorist groups with chemical or biological weapons and fuel they may carry on board. San Francisco has been placed on the list as a target. The expansion would allow larger jet planes to hit targets anywhere in the western states. She suggested the FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security Department look into the expansion before expanding the airport.”


I’m sorry her words tend to be constant attacks designed to hurt someone; something immature of dark imagination and inaccuracy, something reflected in other attack letters to the editor this person has written, and has spoken in her somewhat fantastic, legally recorded “right to speak” on Aug. 16, 2004 to the city’s council.

Larry Kay