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Valley Home News Week of June 25, 2014
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Here in Valley Home we love to celebrate the good in life! Recently one of our favorite Valley Home families reached a big milestone. Jeff and Sally Chrisman celebrated 23 years of marriage on June 15th, which was also Father’s Day this year. The Chrisman family spent a wonderful four days with their children at the Long Barn Lodge and on Lake Beardsley kayaking and fishing. The couple’s youngest daughter Callie Ann Chrisman even caught two large Rainbow Trout. Way to go Callie Ann! Jeff and Sally are truly unique and caring people, so full of love that one cannot help but feel a little more special just by being in their presence. Congratulations to Jeff and Sally on a loving marriage and beautiful family!


Now on to some news that we really didn’t want to hear. According to our county’s two mosquito abatement districts, the virus that can lead to West Nile Virus was found here in Valley Home. The virus was also found in Hughson, Modesto and Turlock. I can remember a time when this kind of news would not have affected me so much. I really did not understand how serious this disease could be. For most people the symptoms of the milder West Nile illness are rash, vomiting, fatigue, headache, and joint pain. The illness can last for several weeks or even months. The more serious and potentially deadly West Nile illness can cause high fever, neck stiffness, paralysis, or coma, and will affect less than one percent. Even knowing these statistics and how low our chances are of contracting West Nile I still feel the need to share with you the information that Valley Home is among the areas which are affected. Most of you probably already have this information, but for those like myself, a little more information never hurts!

There are things we can do to protect our families from mosquito bites. One of the most productive ways is to eliminate any standing water on our properties. I know this is extremely hard to do in this beautiful lush community of irrigated green pastures and animal watering holes! I guess this is the tradeoff for being able to live in such a paradise. Perhaps our best bet is to follow the advice of those who know. A few more ways to cut down on mosquito bites include not spending time outdoors when mosquitos are out, especially early evening, and always use repellants that contain Deet. Enjoy a safe and happy summer!


As always you may reach me at or 209-985-7480. Until next time, “Happy trails to all...”