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Valley Home News for November 7, 2012
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Our Red Hat Queen Bonnie Bianchi tells us that our Red Hat Oakdale Fun Lovin' Ladies are enjoying their monthly meeting and luncheon at Marie Calendar's Restaurant in Modesto today. These ladies always have a great time planning for their next adventure and meeting. Their next meeting will fall on December 5, 2012, and will be held at Mimi's Cafe, located on Dale Rd. in Modesto.


This first week of November proved to be full of birthday celebrations for several of our residents. Starting with November 6th Vickie Dickens, Kathy Bryhni, Amanda Hernandes, Pat Burghardt and Marge Burghardt enjoyed many good wishes for a Happy Birthday! Thursday, will find Melissa Bartholomew, Kate Dickens and Jerry Dickens all primed and ready to enjoy birthday celebrations in their honor. Loads of Happy Birthday wishes to all!


Glenn and Laura Burghardt were treated to a wonderful day on Saturday which brought back memories of many adventures enjoyed by them in their study of sea shell collecting along our coast. Son, Mike Burghardt and grandson, Jeff took the couple over to the coast to visit several of their old collecting and study areas. Shell collecting and sea life are protected by law now, except for scientific collecting by special permit. There was a minus tide on Saturday which allowed an opportunity to view tide pools and their inhabitants. For Glenn and Laura, it was a wonderful opportunity to enjoy once again the wonderful world of the sea shore with all its beauty and know that the treasures to be found there are now preserved for all to enjoy. Many years ago, as members of the Northern California Malacolagical Society, the couple were among the first to protest the destruction of marine life at what would later become the Moss Beach Marine Preserve above Half Moon Bay in San Mateo County. Before the area was finally protected, some people brought shovels and simply scraped shells, limpets and mussel shells off rocks and brought home to be used in food dishes.

Both Glenn and Laura worked with area schools displaying a collection of various sea shells, both local and world-wide and their uses by mankind, and the need to protect them for all to enjoy. In addition, their studies were published in 1969 into the West Coast Guide to Chitons which is still used today as a reference book.

While Glenn and Laura sat and enjoyed the beautiful view, Mike and Jeff wandered through the tide pool area armed with new water proof cameras that they had purchased which allowed them to film under water. The cameras were attached to rods and they were able to move them amongst the reef outcropping and enjoy both plant life and a variety of sea life available without damaging anything.

In addition, the family was able to visit the area of the Pigeon Point Light Station and get a close up view of the restoration work being done to the Historic Light House. They enjoyed an opportunity to visit the new light house display and view the pictorial history of the monument. The Fresnel lens used in the lighthouse has been removed, but the signature beam continues today, flashing light from an exterior automated beacon at 10 second intervals. The fog signal was replaced by a more modern navigation aid in 1976. For a close up view of the Fresnel lens you may visit the display inside the Fog Signal Building. The lens is quite an interesting display and stands 16 feet tall and weighs four tons.