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Valley Home News for May 11, 2011
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Our Valley Home young people have been making good use of the nice weather we enjoyed for a while. We received word that Melissa Koppinger has been enjoying an opportunity to play some golf. Way to go Melissa! Melissa’s twin sister, Melinda is having an absolute awesome season playing softball at Oakdale High School. Valley Home is proud of you both!

Cody Bartholomew is back in the news this week. While out playing in the barn he took a tumble off the haystack and broke both his wrists! We understand that Cody is doing good and being well taken care of by brother, Cooper!

Seen dropping off daughter, Amanda at the movie theater was the ever-young and most fun Mom, a.k.a. “Hot Rod” Karen Monschein!

We received word that Wyatt Wucherer has been busy helping Grandpa Russ and playing baseball. Keep up the hard work, Wyatt!


The Bryhni family would like to say thank you to all of our friends and “family” for your love and support through a very difficult year of “firsts.” Without all of you I don’t think we would have made it! Love you all! Kathy, Sierra, Brooke and Garret.


We received word that five members of the Davis and Elkins softball team received postseason recognition on May 2nd when the 2011 All-WVIAC softball team was announced by the league coaches. At that time Valley Home’s Alanna Jones received Honorable Mention. Alanna has had an outstanding freshman softball season so far from home.  She averaged nine strikeouts per game.

Alanna’s dad, Dennis and mom, Synthia, grandpa Luther and Alana’s brother, Austin were able to go to West Virginia to watch the WVIAC Conference Championship. They tell us that it was very exciting and the games fantastic! Austin was able to stay with Alanna in her dorm room and experience the college life.

Synthia tells us that the family arrived in West Virginia the day after the big tornados. She reports that there was minor damage on the campus, primarily caused by a roof from the local auto dealership blown through the window of the cafeteria. Many trees were uprooted. Fortunately no one on campus was injured. We understand that Alanna will arrive home for the summer this Thursday, May 12th. The Jones’s are looking forward to having Alanna home, especially Austin who really missed his sister during her college stay.


Our Valley Home 4-H reporter, Garret Bryhni offers us an update on Valley Home 4-H activities: “While I don’t have any official results yet, I hear Ashley Barreto, Marissa Campbell and Nikki Truhett did well at 4-H Fashion Review. Congrats from your 4-H friends!

Hey, Cody Bartholomew! Sorry to hear about your accident! Tough break Man! O.K., bad pun. But maybe think of all the milk shakes you can score if you can convince the grown ups that all that milk and ice cream will make your bones stronger. And while you are sipping those shakes, you can watch Jenna doing all your school work and chores! Feel better soon, and here’s to quick mending from all your Valley Home 4-H friends!

If anyone has some “extra cash” from their income tax refunds (hah), and would be interested in sponsoring one of our many livestock exhibitors, please give Tammie Smith or Tena Heaton a call and they can put you in touch with one of our 4-Hers. Thanks for your support!”


Happy Birthday cakes are in order for Hazel Henry and Gale Jensen this week. Many Happy Returns of the Day to both!


Happy Anniversary to Bill and Shirley Watson from all their Valley Home friends and neighbors!


We will offer you an update on our May 22nd Silent Film afternoon of fun in next week’s column!