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Valley Home News for June 13, 2012
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 Kathleen Burghardt-Cobb asked me to pass the following on to our readers. One of our Valley Home neighbors helped her out the other day when she was pulling her horse trailer home. She had to stop at the corner of Pleasant Valley and Sawyer to change the trailer hitch ball because she had the wrong one on her truck.

It would have been a catastrophe had she gotten out to the highway with the wrong trailer hitch. She was very tired and had had a very bad day at work and was not concentrating enough to change the hitch before she pulled out of the pasture.

Kathy states that a very nice man named Dean came out of his house and helped with the truck and trailer so she could continue on her way. She offers a big ‘Thank You!’ for his help.
We have received reports from several people this week reporting sightings of suspicious people wandering throughout the neighborhood. A resident reported that 15-20 plants were stolen from their property sometime during daylight hours.

These were taken from under a shade cloth where it is difficult to see the plants, but also hard to see people taking them.

The resident contacted her neighbor who told her that she had seen a small white truck driving by the area that day about four times quite slowly, even turning around in the resident’s driveway. Upon receiving that information, the resident commented that if these were the ones who stole the plants they are very brazen and very stupid. She also stated that the plants were not worth anything, however she just doesn’t like someone coming onto her property like that. She reports that this is the first time that she has ever had anything taken from her home.

We also received word that a week ago a female, late forties was seen walking/loitering on Wilkins Avenue taking pictures of people’s yards, etc.; when confronted, she said, “Is this because I was petting your dog?” They told her that she looked very suspicious and would she like them taking pictures of her yard? She said, “I live in LA. Go ahead!” She also stated that she was just getting exercise and was told that most people walk faster when they are exercising. This week another neighbor reported someone walking and talking to someone driving a white pick-up.

Another report was made of a woman walking on Wilkins this morning and she was supposedly working at the cherry farm on Wilkins and Sawyer. The informant’s grandson reported that when he rode his motorbike by her she took his picture. When she was approached and asked about it, she said that she was taking pictures of the landscape when he rode by.

When the grandmother spoke to another neighbor in that same direction who stated that he had confronted the same woman the previous week. In that instance the woman told him that she was from LA and that she was here picking cherries.

The woman proceeded to take pictures all along Wilkins with a cell phone. It has been suggested by one observer to take photos of this person if possible.
We were unable to report the following information in last week’s column from our neighboring Neighborhood Watch reporter. She shares the following information with us. FYI, I have received word that a pet house cat was shot with a .22 Thursday night in the vicinity of 29000 block of Lone Tree Road or in the vicinity South of those homes near Chapman.

The cat survived but its owners incurred significant veterinary bills and the cat endured significant suffering as its leg was shattered and had to be amputated. One person’s target is another person’s pet. Not all people are animal people, not all people like cats, but please be aware, that this conduct can result in both civil and criminal liability to the person shooting the animal. In addition to the direct impact on the pet and its owners, there are laws making it unlawful to discharge a firearm within close proximity to dwellings.
Oakdale Garden Club Valley Home members invite you to attend their Annual Salad Bar Luncheon being held at the Bianchi Community Center in Oakdale on Tuesday, June 19th. Valley Home members of the Club have been lining up their favorite salad recipes for the popular event.

Tickets are priced at a $5 donation for the luncheon. The event also includes an opportunity to take part in a silent auction, a plant sale and raffle baskets of goodies. Lunch starts at 11:30 a.m.

The luncheon will mark the 37th luncheon that your reporter has participated in since joining the Oakdale Garden Club and it is always the highlight of the year!
A very big Happy Anniversary to Estelle and Wallace Barnhill who just celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary this week from all their Valley Home friends and neighbors.
Happy Anniversary wishes also go to Richard and Angel Willet who also celebrate an anniversary this week.
Getting all set to blow out the candles on their birthday cakes this week are McKenzie Willett, Lainy Smith, Tyler Caine, Diane Hougland and Samantha Jones. Many Happy Returns of the Day to all.