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Valley Home News 8-26-20
Winnie Mullins

We ask God to protect our firefighters and all first responders as they work around the clock to save lives and property. We are so grateful to these amazing men and women. With fires raging in every corner of our state, our hearts break for those who are suffering so much. It is incredible the loss so many are suffering. It is hard to see the devastation, the sadness of those who have lost loved ones, we ask for God’s mercy. We are living in such trying times, we must keep our faith strong. During these very difficult times, it is with great love and affection that I write this week about the Chrisman Family! Jeff and Sally, along with their children have for many years helped with most every event here in Valley Home. Now with the pandemic testing our strength, and affecting our lives, the Chrisman family once again has found a way to help our community! Like so many folks, the Chrisman’s are reaching out to help others. They have a beautiful, and very bountiful garden on their Valley Home ranch! They work tirelessly to raise healthy, tasty and nutritious vegetables to share. They make daily trips to the end of their long driveway. It’s here where a delightful little country fruit stand welcomes folks to take whatever they need. No charge at all! For those that do wish to donate, there is a donation box available. Proceeds go to causes such as an area church building fund, and other community needs. The family fruit stand provides a variety of colorful vegetables, juicy red tomatoes, zesty green peppers, eggplant, zucchini, the list goes on and on, what a great blessing in these difficult times! A very heartfelt thank you to this very caring family! May God Bless us all!


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