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Valley Home News 7-15-20
Winnie Mullins

We ask for your continued prayers for our much loved Valley Home School bus driver and best friend to all Bonnie Gellerman. The support for Bonnie has been both heartwarming and amazing from all of you! As of writing this column, Bonnie is at The City of Hope Cancer Treatment Center. She is a fighter so we know she will win this battle. Keep her in your prayers! In this week’s column we are going to enjoy some fun facts of the joy Bonnie brings to each of our lives!

1. Bonnie’s laughter is contagious.

2. She is always upbeat and so positive.

3. She instills character, and builds confidence in every child she comes in contact with.

4. She creates the coolest things for the Harvest Festival!

5. She is an amazing hunter! She goes on successful hunts each Fall to Montana and Wyoming bringing home an amazing bounty.

6. No student escapes Bonnie’s love ... She cares about each one!

7. In her eyes - every child is special.

8. Bonnie’s secret stash  ... We adults don’t usually see the stash, but on game days and many other days, Bonnie’s little change purse has been seen being passed from one young hand to the next and off they would go to the food stand, to make hungry stomachs happy.

9. Bonnie never says anything, but over the years a large straw purse can usually be found near Bonnie with homemade bags of popcorn inside! A snack for hungry tummies.

10. She is a very hard-working and successful cattle rancher.

11. Every bus ride, especially field trips, were not only an adventure, but many times a lesson in history - depending on Miss Bonnie’s driving attire! She makes every ride special.

12. Strong, patient, kind, and caring, this beautiful woman means the world to each of us.

Thank you for being you, Bonnie!


As always you may reach me by email at Until next time, “Happy Trails to All!”