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Valley Home News 4-15-20
Winnie Mullins

On May 5th we will be voting on one of the most important decisions we will make that concerns the safety of ourselves and our families! I know it is a difficult time for all of us, with Coronavirus and just trying to cope. Our Fire Department has had several well publicized meetings over the last few months to share information on the tremendous need for a new tax. These meetings always invited the public and the board always listened to concerns, answered questions and were very transparent with all information. I attended many of these meetings. I along with many others in attendance were treated with respect, appreciation and our questions were answered with honesty and conviction. This is not something to be taken lightly. This is not a scare tactic! The folks serving on this board are unpaid, volunteer public servants who care deeply for our community. They have no motive other than to save lives and property. It is sad to read comments that they are not telling the truth. I believe they are telling the absolute truth. They care about our safety and that of your family and property. I have a great respect for our Valley Home community members and each of your thoughts and opinions. I worked with many others on the fire tax that was passed almost 20 years ago. We have a most amazing Fire Department; they are dedicated to saving lives, highly trained and with a very quick response time. I, like everyone else wish we did not have the need for a new tax, but the lives of our Valley Home school students, our community members, ourselves and our families are at stake. The price is small when we need to make that call.


As always you may reach me at Until next time, Happy “Safe” Trails to All!