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Valley Home News 01-25-23
Winnie Mullins

What beautiful bright sunny days we are having. The sun feels so good! It’s hard to worry about the stressful things in our lives when God is sending us such beautiful days filled with such much needed sunshine. The sun definitely lifts our spirits and reminds us that spring really is coming.


I am writing this column on Sunday; I guess you could call it Football Sunday here. Here, there are those who love football and those who don’t love football so much. Today actually almost has the feel of Super Bowl Sunday around this house. The Dallas Cowboys have been a forever favorite for some with the San Francisco 49ers being equally important in the eyes of others. Wow, what a game – and a lot of good-natured trash talk going on.


This week I would like to share the tremendous strength and courage of an amazing woman. Teresa Hammond is a woman on a mission … she is a woman determined to win the battle; her battle with cancer. This is a battle so many fight. Teresa’s determination encourages all of us. Her faith in God is constant, although at times I am sure she has to reach deep, her faith never wavers. “T” as she is so fondly called by many, is a woman determined to win the battle.

T works, or maybe I should say is employed by, The Oakdale Leader. I am not sure we can call it work; she absolutely loves what she does. Her writing definitely shows her love for her community, it shows her love for every person she meets … and especially her love for her family and her co-workers. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude make her indispensable. Always ready to write, always ready to listen and learn; she’s never without that desire to write the next great story.

T is the devoted ‘Super Mom’ to her two amazing high schoolers. Besides being mom, she and her children are the very best of friends. T is blessed to have an amazing support system. Her journey is a hard one, as she undergoes treatment in the Bay Area, but her faith is strong and her determination is relentless. Please, let’s all continue to pray for this very special family. Let’s do whatever we can to make life less stressful, a bit easier, a bit less worry, for this amazing woman who does so much for our community. I have personally always admired her and her love for this community; always helping, always caring …. always doing! I remember many, many years ago at the Oakdale Relay For Life, long before she herself would fight this battle, she was at the forefront of raising money for those who were fighting this terrible disease. T, we are here for you, just as you have been here for us. Stay strong, keep fighting; you are loved by many, you will win this battle!


As always, you may contact me by email at winniemullins51@gmail. com or by telephone at 209-985-5233.