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Omicron Surge Seen In Stanislaus County
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As the Omicron variant spreads throughout the state, cases in Stanislaus County have increased rapidly since Christmas Eve. This surge threatens to again jeopardize the county health care system’s ability to care for people and is a significant disruptor to businesses, schools, and critical infrastructure. Everyone living, working, and learning in Stanislaus County are urged to take steps now to reduce the risk to themselves, their families and friends, and all people with whom they interact.

The most significant increase in cases has been seen within ages 18-34. To reduce your chance of getting sick and to give yourself protection from severe disease, including hospitalization, Public Health recommends those who haven’t gotten vaccinated or received their booster shots, to do so now, if eligible. Make an appointment today at

To make the community safer and prevent the spread:

• Stay home and follow isolation and quarantine instructions if you are sick;

• Avoid crowded indoor spaces;

• Limit the number of gatherings and if possible, do a rapid test the day of the gathering;

• Wear a well-fitting mask that is of high quality;

• Take extra precautions such as washing hands with soap and water and staying six feet apart from others to protect those around you;

• Get tested to help reduce the spread, especially if you traveled for the holidays, have had a possible exposure, have symptoms, or are gathering with people not in your household.

While the area continues to experience the surge in cases, Public Health is reminding residents to avoid visiting the emergency room unless they need emergency medical care. Don’t visit the emergency room solely to get a COVID-19 test or for minor complaints that could be resolved through a primary care physician. Emergency room visits should be reserved for those patients who are feeling severely ill; for example, those who are short of breath – or who have serious concerns about their health and who require immediate emergency care.

As Public Health continues to work to support the community through this surge, residents are urged to take all actions to prevent the spread of this virus.