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Oakdale Police Will Take On Escalon Animal Control Services
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Oakdale City Council members approved a motion to take on animal control services for the City of Escalon, in the same way they’ve folded in animal control services for the City of Riverbank, in a partnership that creates a favorable outcome for all involved.

Embodying the adage, ‘Many hands make for light work,’ the City of Oakdale will actually come away from the deal with a net positive impact to the General Fund of $6,300 as the cost of an additional full-time animal control officer will be shared among the three agencies.

“It’s rare that we have a net gain opportunity where we actually make money on one of our agenda items and this is one of them. We get more hours on staff at no cost to us,” council member Christopher Smith said of the deal when he made a motion to approve.

Seeing the benefit to Riverbank, Escalon decided joining forces with Oakdale would be a better fit than partnering with San Joaquin County for their animal control needs.

Since 2009, the City of Riverbank has been partnering with Oakdale for their animal control services with favorable results. As a result, Riverbank recently entered into a new five-year contract for animal services, with the contract coming up for renewal June of 2027.

Escalon requested an extended contract that will start in November and be up for renewal on June 30, 2027.

Currently, the Oakdale Animal Shelter staff consists of two full-time animal control officers, one full-time shelter attendant, and one part-time shelter attendant.

With the new agreement, OPD will bring animal control staffing to three full-time animal control officers, one full-time shelter attendant, and one part-time shelter attendant.

Oakdale Police Chief Jerry Ramar admitted there would be a learning curve to adding another municipality to their responsibilities but he felt confident staff could handle the adjustment.

The intent is to funnel all animals into the Oakdale facility, only using the current Escalon facility in the event of an overflow.

Oakdale City Manager Bryan Whitemyer shared that discussions centered around building a new animal control facility are ongoing but nothing has been solidified as of yet. However, with more agencies with a vested interest in a shared facility, the prospect becomes more financially palatable.

Within the new agreement, the City of Oakdale will provide veterinarian/medical services for animals captured within the City of Escalon including but not limited to: euthanasia drugs, dog and cat food, animal disposal services, spay and neutering, cleaning and drain chemicals, and miscellaneous supply items.


Emergency Call Outs for the City of Escalon will be as follows:

INJURED/SICK ANIMALS: When any injured/sick stray domestic or non-domestic animal weighing less than 150 pounds is found in a public place and the owner is unknown or untraceable. Owned injured/sick animals are the responsibility of the owner.

STRAY ANIMAL BITE: When any animal or species known to be endemic to rabies (generally warm-blooded mammals), bites or exposes a human and the owner is unknown, (known owned animals are to be confined by the owner, and an Oakdale Animal Services Officer can handle the case the following work day).

DANGEROUS ANIMALS: When any animal is presenting an immediate danger to the public safety.

AGENCY ASSISTANCE: An Oakdale Animal Services Officer will respond to emergency call-outs, once the emergency has been verified by an on-duty peace officer, when available, or authorized security officer working under contract for the City of Escalon, when available.

PUBLIC SAFETY: On occasion, animal control calls that are determined to pose a public safety concern, which do not meet the definitions of an emergency as previously stated requires animal control service. Such incidents will be verified by an Escalon Police Services Officer, or an Escalon contracted Security Officer, or other Escalon personnel as designated by the City Manager.


Council members Bob Amaral and Chris Haney were both hesitant to approve, citing concerns over the perception that adding another municipality might grow local government, but ultimately voted to approve.

The item passed with a 5-0 vote.