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Oakdale Boy Recovering From Crash Injuries
Donations are being sought through a GoFundMe account for an 11-year-old Oakdale boy seriously injured in a vehicle accident.

What should have been a simple hunting trip for an 11-year-old and his grandfather became anything but, as Oakdale’s James Dykxhoorn and his grandfather were traveling from Montana back to Oakdale when they were hit by another truck earlier this month. Young James took the brunt of the rollover crash and had to be extricated from the truck by emergency crews using the “Jaws of Life” tool on the scene. He was then flown to the nearest hospital initially and then transferred to a Utah facility.

As result of the accident, James suffered serious injuries including damage to six vertebrae, his liver, and his skull among a list of other injuries.

The 11-year-old remains in stable condition at a hospital in Salt Lake City where he underwent surgery.

“He’s doing fairly well, considering,” the young boy’s mother, Rachel, shared.

Rachel has been at her son’s side since Sept.17, traveling from Oakdale to Utah in order to stay with her son 24/7 while he is hospitalized and recovering from the accident.

The mom of seven shared that James may potentially be released later this week.

“We’re very thankful for the outcome, we attribute it only to God because he should be dead, really,” Rachel said of the severity of the accident. “When you look at the pictures of the car accident and everything, he should not be alive at all.”

The shock of the accident, along with an effort to help the family cover travel costs, as well as other expenses has resulted in a GoFundMe account being established. Persons interested in reading more details on the account, as well as offering a donation to the family may do so at: All donations appreciated.

“We have been very blessed by our church family and people we know,” Rachel said. “We’re so grateful for our church family and friends and the community that has blessed us beyond measure.”