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Mobile Bar Brings Boho Vibes To Local Events
Mobile Bar 1
Owners Kimberly and Michael Leavitt of Wild Willow Mobile Boho Bar are “fun on wheels” as they travel the 209 offering their services for a variety of events. Photo Contributed

Michael and Kimberly Leavitt have perhaps stumbled upon one of the most fun and inviting party ideas to come on to the scene in quite a while.

As the new owners of Wild Willow, the husband and wife team are taking their show on the road, so to speak, and rolling up in a literal statement piece which will no doubt keep guests talking well after the event.

Described by Kimberly as a mobile Boho Dry Bar, Wild Willow is for hire for events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties or company events. The couple further explained they provide the service, the decor and trailer. The client provides the beverages of choices which are served from the trailer.

“Meaning that we don’t supply any alcohol. The client has to supply all of the alcohol,” Kimberly clarified.

With a longtime career in catering, mobile bartending and hospitality service, Kimberly came to Oakdale from New York a decade ago when she met her husband, Michael. Always looking for something to challenge her and keep her busy, the couple stumbled upon Wild Willow while she was helping with an event at Bloomingcamp Ranch.

Taking over ownership of the business, Kimberly has maintained the Boho theme, which goes beyond the trailer itself. Seating is arranged adjacent to the front of the bar, as well as pub tables, umbrellas and additional ice chests for self-serve options.

“It’s one stop shopping,” she shared of the trailer set up. “We have the big coolers, we have two kegerators, we have a full size freezer on board. You don’t have to worry about ice in the summertime.”

They also offer a portable bar service, as part of the business for hosts whose space can’t accommodate a trailer.

“It can go to your home, it can go on your patio, it can go in an office,” she said of the portable bar.

Kimberly also does custom charcuterie boards for events.

Currently the couple is booked through the first of the year most Saturdays and has begun to offer service on Fridays for holiday functions.

“People just love it,” she said of the trailer. “When I brought this home, for the first two weeks I had so many people stop.”

And while it is a conversation piece, it also is a great way to stay in the hospitality arena.

“I’ve always loved this business because I like people,” she continued. “I’ve just found personally for myself just everybody’s happy. It’s an event where everybody’s happy, so what’s not to like.”

While she enjoys meeting people, Kimberly shared she’s also been encouraged by the success of the mobile units since taking over the business as well as the support from other business owners.

The couple is currently promoting the business through Facebook and Instagram social media pages, and Kimberly is currently in the works of partnering with media company The Knot as well.

“I’m hoping that The Knot will do me proud. I just want it right when we get in there.”

Kimberly said so far, the new venture has been rewarding.

“I’m just really trying to fill my time with something I really enjoy doing. It’s a good time,” she shared of her small business. “It’s fun. You get to be creative and it’s not the same thing every day. Every event’s different. I love meeting other people and seeing their ideas. We’re fun on wheels.”

Information on Wild Willow and its services can be found at

Mobile Bar 2
Wild Willow Mobile Boho Bar, recently set up during a holiday event in Modesto, was available for serving beverages and snacks to attendees. Photo Contributed