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Wild Spring Storm Brings Wind, Rain
Tree 1
A tree struck by lightning in the area of North Second Avenue and East B Street in Oakdale early Tuesday afternoon sent branches and debris flying, littering the roadway and damaging a carport. No one was injured. - photo by Photo Courtesy Of Brian Bradley

There was rain, wind, thunder, but no tornado touched down in Oakdale on Tuesday afternoon, though weather spotters reported some funnel clouds as close by as Turlock.

The region was under a tornado watch early Tuesday afternoon, with conditions suitable for spawning the tornadoes. There was heavy rain and some whipping winds, but the region escaped relatively unscathed. There were reports of some lightning strikes in the area and forecasters recorded over a third of an inch of rain being dumped on the Oakdale area during the height of the storm. One lightning strike brought a damaged tree and limbs crashing down on to Second Street and debris littered the area but no injuries were reported in that incident.


More rain is possible off and on until Friday, as the area observes the first full week of the spring season.