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Wanted Suspect Stand-off Closes Street
OHS Shelter In Place
West 3
With Oakdale High School in the background, an Oakdale Police Officer stands ground on West G Street and West Avenue. The high school put the facility on shelter in place during the polie action. RICHARD PALOMA/ The Leader


Oakdale Police along with Stanislaus County Sheriff’s deputies had West Avenue near West F Street closed off for most of Tuesday morning, March 15, regarding a suspicious incident of persons being held against their will. During the incident, one male subject was taken into custody for a narcotic violation and a female was taken into custody for a misdemeanor arrest warrant. A third subject, a male, was also taken into custody but police are not releasing his name or charges due to possibly compromising another investigation.

Oakdale Police Chief Lester Jenkins said that police were called at 8:34 that morning and advised that the caller’s girlfriend and another woman were being held against their will at a house in the 100 block of West Avenue.

Police set up a perimeter of the residence and requested assistance from the Stanislaus Sheriff’s Department. During the incident police also established a command post near the Oakdale Community Center.

Jenkins said that while officers were at the scene a male subject arrived at the residence and was arrested when it was discovered he was possessing methamphetamine. He identified the subject as Dennis Dolin Sr. of Knights Ferry

At 10:05 a.m. the police advised Oakdale High School to “shelter in place” since the incident was only a few blocks from the school.

Police at the scene advised the Leader that one of the subjects believed to be inside was a wanted felon and believed to be armed. No additional information was given at that time.

Jenkins said as police held the perimeter on of the female subjects came outside the residence and was contacted by police. During the contact, police learned the subject, Ashley Wheeler, 31, had a misdemeanor warrant for drug possession and was taken into custody.

At that time the other female came from the house.

Jenkins said that during the incident police learned information about the other male subject, but stated he could not comment. That subject was also taken into custody a short time later.

During the standoff, police had streets and alleys surrounding the one-story residence blocked off and neighbors were not allowed to leave their houses.. Investigators and additional SWAT personnel arrived throughout the incident including investigators from the Stanislaus District Attorney’s Office.

Police officials declined to state why district attorney investigators were called to the scene.

After police left the scene, Richard Smith who stated he was the homeowner on West Avenue, was very critical of police stating no one was held against their will before police arrived.

Smith said police forcibly entered the residence and searched the house after the other suspects were taken into custody.

“They trashed my house and hurt my dog,” said a female with Smith that asked not to be identified. “I was manhandled and thrown to the ground, guns were pointed at me.”

“I don’t know why they did that, but that’s just not right,” Smith said.

Smith identified the subject that got arrested with Wheeler and Dolin as “Jim Buster” from Modesto, a friend of Wheeler’s.

As of press time, the Stanislaus Sheriff’s Department jail records did not list any of the names from this morning in custody at the county jail.