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TV Series Goal Becoming A Reality
Everson K-Drama 9-11
Anna Ward looks on as Melodie Everson brings up a Korean actors photo on her computer. The mother-daughter duo has formed Blossom Petal Productions in hopes of producing a Korean drama. RICHARD PALOMA/The Leader


As globalization across the entertainment industry broadens and months after a trip to South Korea, a local woman is actively taking steps to make her dream of creating a Korean Drama become a reality.

Melodie Everson, an Oakdale resident since 1979, recently created her own production company, Blossom Petal Productions, with hopes of a six- to 12-episode series titled Live, Laugh, Love.

According to VA Entertainment, a home entertainment company and licensee of Korean TV drama, 91 percent of Korean TV drama viewers are in the US and are not of Korean descent.

“Korean TV dramas have successfully engaged viewers all over North America,” said YA Entertainment President Tom Larsen through PR WEB. “The high quality ‘K-dramas’ have captivated US audiences.”

Everson got hooked on Korean dramas last year on the advice of her daughter, Anna Ward, as an escape from a series of personal crises in her life that seemed to hit many areas – personal, professional, and financial – all at once.

“I found refuge and comfort in Korean dramas,” said Everson. “The Korean culture lured me into longing to be part of it.”

Everson, a librarian for OJUSD, had authored five fiction manuscripts in the last 10 years and has switched her writing efforts to scripts and teleplays for her proposed series.

Everson said she recalled the movie Coffee House where a veteran writer gives advice that to be successful; you need to write from experience.

“I took that to heart and figured I had to go to Korea,” Everson said. “I planned to write a year, but my daughter had airline vouchers and we went to Korea earlier than expected. While there, we made all these connections and bumped up our plans.”

On the surface, Everson is a combination of a sound business person and entrepreneur – poised, pleasant and professional – in her pursuit. Behind her demeanor lies a sharp business mind, enthusiastic creative spirit, and a competitive force that drives her into the mold of entertainment producer, out seeking a cast and crew, a musical score, and funding for the project from potential investors. She has already secured a film staff and a small studio in Elk Grove already with a story board for the episodes.

When in Korea, Everson met the Asian pop-music boy band, PURE, and after discussions with their manager, was offered their music for her series.

“It has gone from a backyard production to a full-blown professional production,” Everson said.

The proposed drama follows two American women as they set off on an adventure to Korea. A case of mistaken identity whisks them into the world of filmmaking. Caught up in the paparazzi created headlines, they scramble to figure out how to get out of the spotlight. As each day passes, they get pulled deeper and deeper into the deception.

“There’s comedy and crying in the stories,” Everson said. “You have to have crying in Korean dramas.”

Ward, 25, has been active with promotions and networking with different entertainment companies. Future plans include moving to Korea and getting better acquainted with the language.

Everson has had discussions with the Korean and Seoul travel industries for travel packages for Americans if the series takes off. Other plans include a Korean screenwriter to assist with the series to get the culture and traditions correct.

“It’s all been so surreal,” Everson said. “It’s basically a whole new world for both of us.”