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Treasurer Candidates Encouraged To Apply
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The Oakdale City Council is seeking interested persons to apply for appointment to the vacant City Treasurer position.

The City Treasurer is an elected official who acts as the custodian of all public funds belonging to or under the control of the City of Oakdale. The duties are mandated by state law and city policies, and include the review of bank reconciliations and approval of Treasurer’s Reports.

Because the position was vacated in April 2012, the position will be up for election on the Nov. 6, 2012 ballot. The council appointment will expire with the election and seating of the successful City Treasurer candidate.

Persons interested in applying for appointment must complete the “Willing to Serve” form and submit it to City Clerk Nancy Lilly at City Hall on North Third Avenue by 5 p.m. this Friday, June 8.

The form is available on the city’s website at