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The Silver Wahines Dance to a Hukilau
HULA dancing silver wahines
The Silver Wahines dance along to The Hukilau Song. Hukilau references a way of fishing invented by ancient Hawaiians, and the rest of the tune is dedicated to romanticizing the Hukilau. AUTUMN NEAL/THE LEADER

The hula scene is not just limited to luaus in Hawaii. The Oakdale Senior Center is full of residents ready to get active and expand their horizons. About half a dozen seniors love attending their Friday morning class dedicated to hula dancing. Those in the class on Friday, July 21, were Joan Craig, Catalina Faria, Anna Marie Ramar, Gwen Tirrell, and Peggy Welch.

The five ladies practiced their hula skills at the building on A Street by dancing along to The Hukilau song. Along with performing their routine, the women sang along to the familiar tune and were entirely comfortable with showing off their skills.

The group, known as the Silver Wahines, meets on Friday mornings from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. The ladies stressed that they’re eager to welcome more members.

“It’s great exercise for anyone who wants to try it,” Craig said. The other ladies agreed, noting collectively that their favorite part of the class is the camaraderie and the exercise.

The Silver Wahines work in conjunction with the Silver Strummers, another group at the Senior Center. The Silver Strummers play the ukulele and the ladies hula along. Both groups make trips over to Astoria Gardens and do other performances, often dressing up in costumes to make the luau more realistic and entertaining.

There is currently another luau scheduled for Sept. 8 at 5 p.m., where both groups will perform their strumming and hula skills at the Senior Center.

Hula Class is just one of the many events Oakdale Senior Center has to offer. On Fridays, morning classes include yoga, beginning ukulele, ukulele group, hula class, Young at Heart exercise, bridge, and movie matinee. The Center has events going on all throughout the week, every week, ranging from arts and crafts to exercise classes to support groups.

For more information on events at the Senior Center, contact the senior center at (209) 845-3566 or visit at 450 E A Street in Oakdale.