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Sweepstakes Sweetheart - District Teacher Has Winning Year
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Home and Garden TV (HGTV) design stars also known as the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott recently visited the home of seventh grade English teacher Danessa Menge. The educator won an in home consultation as the result of a Social Media Sweepstakes drawing. - photo by Photo Contributed

The 2014 year is proving to be one ‘winning’ year for Danessa Menge. The Oakdale Junior High English teacher was featured in The Leader pages on Aug. 13 as one of 70-plus selectees for a recent SMART summit, a once described ‘dream’ experience for an educator.
On Monday, Aug. 18 a personal dream came true as the educator, along with husband Jeff, were treated to an in-home consultation with HGTV (Home and Garden Television) celebrity home designers Jonathan and Drew Scott (aka The Property Brothers). It was a prize valued at $5,000.
According to Menge, she entered a sweepstakes earlier in the year via Social Media.
“I’m a huge fan,” she said of the HGTV channel, as well as the duo. “I subscribe to their e-mails and follow them on-line.”
When the DIY, Do-It-Yourself, enthusiast learned of her good fortune via e-mail earlier this summer, she was uncertain of its validity.
“I immediately forwarded it to my husband and asked, is this for real?” the teacher said, chuckling at the notion.
Not only was it ‘for real,’ but it was happening. The couple was instructed to keep the winning confidential until proper protocol was completed. Within a handful of weeks, the announcement was made via the same page she had entered on.
Menge was given an itinerary as to how the day would run, as well as requested to have a list of three areas they would like advice or help with in the home.
“It was a whirlwind,” Menge said of her Monday morning fun with the HGTV crew and celebrity guests. “They were great. What you see on TV is exactly what you get.”
The Menge’s toured the Property Brothers around their home, starting with the downstairs they had recently remodeled and concluding in an upstairs bedroom they are anxious to update.
“They even braved our backyard,” Menge stated of the ‘non-listed’ home location.
“Overall it was very informal, but really informative and a lot of fun,” said the fan.
As a result of the meeting, the Menges also appeared with the brothers and Mark S. Allen on Good Day Sacramento. An e-mail outlining the design recommendations for the couple’s home will follow from the Property Brothers at a later date.