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Super Times Offered At Oakdale Library
The Look
When the young super heroes in training stepped through the door at the Oakdale Library the first station they stopped at was the look which included a cape, a mask, and an arm cuff specially designed with their own personal touches. VIRGINIA STILL/THE LEADER

Summer fun can include more than just going on vacation, to the lake or even the beach. Oakdale residents are taking advantage of the air conditioning at the Oakdale Library this summer to beat the heat. Many activities are planned at the library at 151 S. First Ave., including this past Thursday when children invaded the building to be a part of the Super Hero Training Academy.

The kids began their transformation into becoming a super hero by starting with their attire. Every youngster started at the crafts table where they decorated their mask out of construction paper. They also had the option to make arm cuffs out of a toilet paper tube, which they covered with a decal of their favorite super heroes including Batman, The Incredibles, Captain America and others. Of course, no superhero is complete without their high flying cape. These capes were provided by the library and came in a variety of colors and were made of a lightweight paper like material.

Once their costumes were complete, the youngsters were ready to continue their checklist. In their second task of the day, the heroes in training tested their strength. Using bean bags, the young heroes defeated the Joker and his team of supervillains by throwing the bags at the supervillain images. Once that was complete, they made their way to the next station. At station number three, they tested their special skill and senses by reaching into the three mystery bags. In each bag there was an item that the kids had to identify using only their fingers. Upon properly identifying the items, the next task was the most intense. In order to be a true hero, the youngsters entered the main room in the library where they had to find a piece of kryptonite (a piece of green cellophane); upon finding the kryptonite they had to dispose of it using only two spoons to carry it safely into the disposal bin. Their final task was to read a superhero book before leaving the library.

The kids were rewarded with official superhero certificates and also got to choose a button featuring their favorite superhero after they successfully completed all the stations.

“Today was a big success. The kids appeared to have fun and learned in the process,” said branch librarian Olga Cardenas.

This summer the library offers more fun activities including the return of the super hero training academy on Thursday, June 25. The fun also includes a summer reading contest for all ages including adults who have a chance to win a $100 gift card courtesy of Amazon. For an official schedule and details on the contest, go to the Oakdale Library or log onto