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Super Summer Camp Continues
Super Summer Camp campers prepare for a game of chess, during a Chess Club activity. Photographed clockwise from top right: Camp Manager Jarom Hoffman, Lee Trout, Jessie Rovai, Daphnie Rushing, Izabelle Bacon, Matthew Murray and Jaiden Grivette. Teresa Hammond/The Leader

Local children need not go far for the feel and experience of Summer Camp as Oakdale Joint Unified School District is once again offering Oakdale’s Super Summer Camp.

The weekly Day Camp sessions began the week of June 1 and will continue through Friday, July 24. Each year themes are assigned to each of the eight week’s offered by the Day Camp. This week’s theme (week 3) is Livin’ on a Spare, with a field trip to McHenry Bowl. Camp hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Magnolia Elementary School. Early arrival and late pick up options are available.

“We have six staff here at all times,” Day Camp Manager Jarom Hoffman shared. “If we have more students we can bring more (staff) on. We don’t cap enrollment because of that.”

Now in his fifth year with the summer camp, Hoffman said they average between 80 to 85 students per week.

The following is the list of remaining themes: Week 4, June 22 to June 26 - It’s a Jungle Out There, field trip to San Francisco Zoo; Week 5, June 29 to July 2 - Paint the Town Red, White and Blue, field trip to Mistlin Park. Week 6, July 6 to July 10 - Field trip to WOW Museum. Week 7, July 13 to July 17 - Field trip to Stanislaus County Fair. Week 8, July 20 to July 24 - Field trip to Funworks.

“The baseball game, which was last week, is our most popular,” Hoffman said. “It’s the only one we have to cap because of the amount of tickets we have.”

Two of the eight weekly activities were new this year: a trip to Angels Camp and the WOW Museum in Lodi scheduled in Week 6.

“The others are consistently popular ones,” Camp Leader Michelle Gomes said, adding that the kindergarten through third grade group is probably among the largest in enrollment.

“The field trips are obviously super popular,” Hoffman stated. “The other would be the trips to the pool. We go twice a week. Those are a big hit.”

Enrollment is still open for the remaining weeks of the Super Summer Camp. For information, visit or call 848-4884.