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Sunrise Rotary Plans Inaugural Boots And Bows
bows and boots

Fathers, grandfathers, uncles and brothers may want to take note of an inaugural date taking shape. On Friday, Feb. 9 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Oakdale Sunrise Rotary plans to live it up the Gene Bianchi Community Center for Boots and Bows, a community wide Father/Daughter Dance.

This first time event is $25 per couple with each additional child being $10. Tickets may be purchased at Steves Chevrolet, Oakdale City Offices or Sara’s Dry Cleaners.

The idea for the event was brought to the club by new member Patrick Mondragon.

“When I first joined the Sunrise Rotary, they were looking for a second event,” Mondragon said of the local Rotary Club. “I started doing some research and found that the City of Oakdale didn’t have any Father/Daughter Balls, at least not a community wide Father/Daughter Ball.”

As a recently retired US Navy Veteran, who served 20 years, Mondragon shared an organization by the name of Family Readiness would coordinate Father/Daughter Balls for military dads and daughters during his time as service. It was an event he and his own daughter not only enjoyed attending, but looked forward to each year.

The organizer shared stories of his daughter getting a new dress or special necklace, something that made the night memorable and special. Much to his surprise, as she grew older her interest in the night with dad did not fade. She continued to want to go.

“I think one of the things that I enjoy most about it is that it allows me the opportunity to show my daughter how a woman should be treated on a date,” he said, noting arriving with a corsage, holding the door, listening attentively, getting her refreshments and returning her home safely.

“It’s a great excuse to force you to spend time with your daughter,” Mondragon continued.

The first time event chair stated he felt the title of “Boots and Bows” was both catchy and well suited for the Cowboy Capital. Hosting it the Friday before Valentine’s Day seemed a bit special as well.

“I wanted to do something closer to Valentine’s Day,” he shared. “I was just thinking what a good time for fathers to also take their daughters on a date around that time.”

The event will host a live DJ, complete Candy Bar, professional photographer, games, raffle prizes, finger foods and beverages.

Mondragon, however, doesn’t want people to shy away from the “Father/Daughter” part of the title.

“You know it’s called a Father/Daughter Ball but we’re also encouraging uncles to take their nieces, grandfathers to take their granddaughters or even brothers (taking their sisters). Not just dads,” he said.


He continued to share they encourage young ladies of all ages to attend with their chaperone, from pre-school to college. His hopes are set on attendance of 200 total and if space permits, tickets will be sold at the door.