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Senior Housing Projects Slated For Citys Future
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Two housing projects, one approved, the other pending, targeting seniors are on the table at the City of Oakdale Community Development Department.
The Heritage Oak Senior Adult Apartment Complex to be located at 730 Old Stockton Road is scheduled for a groundbreaking ceremony in June with construction to begin in July. Completion of the project is estimated to be in December 2012.
“It’s going to be such an asset to the community,” said Lourdes Barragan, the city’s housing and redevelopment coordinator. “It will really complement the Oak Haven Complex.”
Oak Haven Senior Housing is an 80-unit senior apartment complex that is to the south of the newly proposed Heritage Oak facility. The City of Oakdale Senior Center is also located next to the Oak Haven complex making it easily accessible to residents of the future Heritage Oak complex.
The Heritage Oak Apartments will be 50 units, including 40 one-bedroom apartments and 10 two-bedroom apartments. The housing will be for low and very low-income seniors meeting income eligibility requirements. The rents will be lower than the market rates for the area.
The project is a $12 million collaborative effort with the Valley Initiative for Affordable Housing, a non-profit organization that provides housing for low and moderate-income families and the elderly. Half of the funding comes from redevelopment-dedicated funds and half comes from other state funding. Unused Valley Initiative funds from the cities of Patterson, Newman, and Ceres were also used as part of the financial support.
“The city is in a consortium for funding with several cities partnering,” said Oakdale Community Development Director Danelle Stylos. “We have a unique partnership between the city and the Valley Initiative.”
Oakdale has had the project in its plans for the last two years and just received approval from the city council at the May 16 meeting. Construction bid proposals are being evaluated.
“I’d be thrilled if it (the contract) goes to a local construction company,” said Stylos.
The other project, 99 single-story homes as a senior-living gated-community, was planned for the F Street corridor near the Oak Valley Country Club. This item did not gain approval from the city council on May 16.
Oakdale Developer Richard DePonte, in conjunction with Guilliani and Kull Engineering of Oakdale, proposed the construction project for a small-lot senior housing development. The homes would range from 1600 to 1900 square-feet. The venture would have a 17,000 square-foot open parcel to be used as a park with a bike path around the neighborhood. According to DePonte, the homes should start in the low $200,000 range.
Stylos said it was the developer that proposed the project to be a senior housing development.
“It’s up to the developer to showcase their best efforts and put their best foot forward,” she said. “There are a lot of senior housing needs that are not being met with baby-boomers now facing that age.”
The city planning commission approved the project in April 2011 and forwarded it to the city council for the go ahead.
At the May 16 council meeting, Councilman Michael Brennan questioned the need for the development being gated. He pondered if gated communities were the best image and perception for Oakdale.
Councilman Jason Howard agreed, stating that the gated concept adds to an exclusivity of the residents.
With only four council members present at the meeting, the vote was split 2-2 and did not move forward. The item is planned for further discussion at the June 20 council meeting with all members present.
DePonte said he plans to discuss with city staff before the next vote if any modifications to the original plan would be needed.
“There may be some alternatives,” DePonte said. “I’d still like to go with the gated community because I believe those are the type of amenities seniors desire.”