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Revive Worship Night Slated For Young Adults
revive worship night

James Fewell, a 20-year-old local church worship leader, has a desire to create an opportunity for young adults within his hometown. An opportunity, he said, for “the local church to come together and unify under the idea of worship.” An opportunity called “Revive.”

Revive is designed to be a worship night for young adults to come together to hang out, play volleyball, eat together, get to know one another, and then worship God as one.

Fewell got involved in what he described as a “worship and prayer community” in Pasadena, where he goes to school. That community came together regularly to worship, join in fellowship, and pray together.

When he came back to Oakdale for the summer he quickly realized that there’s potential for a similar community here.

“My desire is for people to come to this event and walk away knowing they have a community that they can rely on through hard times and unite together in praise in the good times,” he shared. “The goal of Revive is not to create a big musical event with lights and glamour, but rather to have a personal and relaxed time of fellowship and worship.”

While Fewell noted that there’s a time and a place for the big lights and show within worship, after surveying the needs of young adults, he realized that that’s not what they need today.

“We aren’t having this event for any reason other than to do life with each other and make friends that also love God,” he described. “So come as you are and just hang out with us.”

Because this is where young adults from all backgrounds come together, there is no denomination or church affiliated with the event. Currently, there’s a playlist available to preview some of the songs they’ll play during the event. The word is currently being spread through the Facebook event, twitter page, and word of mouth. Any questions can be directed through the online resources.

Revive Worship Night is scheduled for Saturday, July 21 and begins at 3 p.m., with dinner provided at 6:30 p.m. at 7565 Patterson Road in Oakdale.