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Park pix

With the annual Veterans’ Day services fast approaching, one Oakdale resident is concerned about the deterioration she is seeking at Fish Memorial Park in the west end of Oakdale. Linda Medeiros said she has watched the park go slowly downhill, with no one to tend to the plants, take care of the weeds and generally care for the park. “With the Veterans’ Day coming so soon, I wonder why it is so hard to get volunteers to put in an hour to do a little weeding, deadheading and even some planting,” Medeiros said.  “The memorial is for us to remember all of those that gave so much of themselves, even their lives.” She is hoping families, community groups, Scout troops, 4-H – someone – will take time to tend to the park prior to the Veterans’ Day observances and, following that, as an ongoing community service project.


Photo Courtesy Of Linda Medeiros