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Oakdale's Measure Y Argument Unopposed On November Ballot
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Oakdale City Clerk Kathy Teixeira’s office advised the ‘Yes on Measure Y Committee’ that no arguments in opposition were filed with her office by the July 17 deadline. In addition, no rebuttals to the argument for the measure were filed by the July 29 deadline.

In its argument for the measure, committee members Frank Clark and Steve Medlen, along with Mayor Pat Paul, stated that the City of Oakdale desperately needs the measure, pointing out it is not an additional tax, it just authorizes the existing Measure O half-cent sales tax to continue.

Measure O is set to expire on March 31, 2015.

The city gains approximately $1.5 million, or 16 percent, to its general fund coffers from the sales tax charge. Advocates argue that without it there could be drastic cuts to its already stringent public safety positions and other public services.

“The City we love will no longer look or feel the same,” the argument states.

Supporters claim the measure is still needed because of declines in property tax and straight sales taxes make it impossible to maintain current service levels.

According to the argument in favor, Measure Y would still have a citizen oversight committee.

In an email to Committee Chairman Frank Clark, Teixeira stated that her office checked with the County Elections Office if any rebuttals were filed there but that if they had been, they would not have been accepted.