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Oakdale Shelter Dog Finds Forever Home
Newly adopted Beau from the Oakdale Animal Shelter is shown here with his new owner, eight-year- old Clara, already giving him some much needed love. Photo Contributed

A young Catahoula mix, about two years old, had been at the Oakdale Animal Shelter for a few weeks waiting to be adopted. He arrived at the shelter as a stray and after several attempts to find his owner, the dog was placed with the other shelter pets and made available for adoption.

Rachel Milgrom has two female dogs, a Pit Bull and a purebred Husky and was looking for a male dog to add to the family. Living in rural Oakdale, she has plenty of room for the four-legged family members.

“I went through pictures of dogs at Oakdale and Modesto animal shelters,” said Milgrom. “The only things I really had in mind were that I was looking for a male and that I wanted a cattle dog or partial cattle type breed.

“I saw his picture and thought he was super cute. It’s not often you see Catahoula’s or crosses of that nature too often.”

After meeting the Catahoula mix, Milgrom decided to adopt him and daughter Clara was in full agreement. They named him Beau which popped into Milgrom’s head after getting to know him.

Milgrom explained that Clara is an animal lover like herself and was there when they first met Beau. He is still in the puppy stage and is very playful, which has been a perfect match for eight-year-old Clara.

“A little later I was wondering if I should’ve named him Flyer,” expressed Milgrom. “This dog can jump.”

Being with the family for a little over two weeks, Beau and the other two dogs had to adjust to each other.

“He’s been playful with them and is learning his place in the pack,” added Milgrom. “I was also expecting him not to have been exposed to cats prior, but he hasn’t bothered my inside cats one bit.”

The Oakdale Animal Shelter provides services to both Oakdale and Riverbank communities and with organizations like the Oakdale Shelter Pet Alliance and the Astro Foundation, pets are being integrated into forever homes. They hold adoption events in both communities and have fundraising events. Pets at the shelter are spayed/neutered, get a rabies vaccination and a microchip included with the adoption fee.

“Giving a home to an animal that would otherwise be destroyed is the best thing that can happen to not only them, but your family as well,” stated Milgrom. “It may take a lot of patience and training in the beginning, but I’ve always found the bond to be that much stronger.”