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Oakdale Grocery Outlet Helps Fight Local Hunger
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Hunger is a reality for over 50 million Americans, or one in seven people living in the United States. To create awareness of this issue and help their neighbors in need, the Oakdale Grocery Outlet store is kicking off of the third annual Independence from Hunger food drive, a month-long, company-wide campaign. Together Oakdale Grocery Outlet and their customers can help to feed people in Oakdale facing hunger and dealing with food insecurity. Over the past two years, over $500,000 has been raised in cash, gift cards and food donations company-wide towards this effort. 

During the month of July, Oakdale Grocery Outlet is encouraging customers to donate food and cash to support Oakdale Community Sharing. Summer is a time when food banks often do not see as many food donations. Grocery Outlet is working directly with Community Sharing to help neighbors in need over what is traditionally a slow donation period. 

“We are extremely proud to once again take the up the challenge to help combat hunger in our community through our Independence from Hunger campaign,” said Carl and Kathy La Force “As local business owners, we are always looking for ways to make a real difference in the lives of those who live and work within our community. We have a dream that one day everyone will gain Independence from Hunger.  It is a great way to make a significant impact.” 

Oakdale Grocery Outlet is making it simple to join the Independence from Hunger cause with easy options for their customers:

·        Look for specialty-marked food items. These are items that Oakdale Community Sharing has designated are in need for the community. Purchase these items and put them in the collection bin at the front of the store.

·        Tell a Grocery Outlet cashier that you would like to make a cash donation at the register. All moneys raised will go directly to Community Sharing in the form of cash or product.

·        Pick up information at the Oakdale Grocery Outlet store about hunger, food insecurity and local/national resources for people in need. 

For more information about Oakdale Grocery Outlet and Independence from Hunger, please visit: or visit: Facebook page at www.facebook/oakdalegroceyoutlet.