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Oak Valley CEO Still Presses Obstetrics Closure
facilityphoto ovh
Hospital directors will be voting on cutting the obstetrics department on Wed. Feb 27.


Despite two heated public forums on the matter where citizens and employees alike opposed closing Oak Valley Hospital’s Obstetrics Unit, CEO John McCormick will be recommending shutting the department at the board of directors meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 27.

In his report to the directors, McCormick writes that the move is necessary due to a “massive shift” in the hospital industry and a reduction of how “paid for services” are rendered. McCormick has continually stated the hospital’s obstetrics program is losing $750,000 a year.

“This is a loss we can no longer absorb,” McCormick wrote in the report for the upcoming board vote. “It pains me to make this statement, but I recommend the Board authorize the closing of the Obstetric Department in July 2013 or sooner if warranted.”

The Oak Valley Hospital Board District held two meetings about the proposed closure on Feb. 13 and Feb 20. At both meetings, speakers, many who were very passionate, spoke against closing the department which delivered 213 babies in 2012.

Wednesday night’s meeting will start at 5:30 p.m. in the Royal Oak and Charter Oak rooms at the hospital’s administrative offices at 1425 West H Street.