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Lemonade Stand Supports Cause
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Rhys Ludlow could hardly contain his excitement after talking about his Lemonade Stand and his cause, raising money to help find a cure for diabetes and help those having to deal with it on a daily basis. VIRGINIA STILL/The Leader

Rhys Ludlow is an eight-year-old second grader that will be having a ‘Dog Gone Good Lemonade Stand’ at Sierra View Elementary School on Saturday, May 18 from noon to dusk … or until he no longer has lemonade. This lemonade stand is not only to participate in National Lemonade Day but also to raise funds for a good cause.

It’s a cause that Ludlow is very familiar with; the energetic, positive and pleasant eight-year-old is living with Type 1 diabetes. Proceeds from his lemonade stand will go toward finding a cure and helping others dealing with diabetes.

He was diagnosed with diabetes when he was five years old. School is very important to Ludlow and he was concerned about ruining his perfect attendance record due to this new discovery. Since he was diagnosed on Christmas Eve, he pointed out, he was able to maintain his perfect attendance since he was on Christmas break when he and his family first got the news. By the time school was back in session, he was ready to return, perfect attendance intact.

Young Ludlow has an insulin pump that he has to wear daily to help manage his diabetes. The pump delivers insulin through flexible plastic tubing continuously throughout the day, at meal times, and when his blood sugar is too high. This prevents him from having to take multiple shots. He expressed that some days are better than others. On a not so good day, he was unable to participate in recess and that was a “bit frustrating,” said Ludlow.

Participating in a research study for UCSF has helped Ludlow because they very closely monitor him.

“He is very passionate about helping find a cure and better ways to deal with living with diabetes,” said his mother, Shannon Ludlow. “Even as young as he is, he knew that he wanted to be a part of that, even before he left the hospital.”

This is the first year that Ludlow is participating in National Lemonade Day and he will be serving Grandma Ludlow’s original lemonade family recipe.

Lemonade Day is a learning program that teaches youngsters how to start, own and operate their own business, like a lemonade stand. The program is to help today’s youth become entrepreneurs. The youth are taught business skills and about the three “S’s,” of Saving, Sharing, and Spending.

Adhering to the principles of Lemonade Day, with the money that Ludlow raises, he plans to save for a diabetes dog, share with the Diabetic Youth Foundation (DYF), and spend on sending a child to diabetic camp as well as getting to camp himself.

The fundraiser is one day only and they will have prize drawings for items including gift baskets, restaurant certificates, and a life size teddy bear along with the special recipe cool lemonade drink.

Ludlow’s advice to other children with diabetes?

“Keep your head up and keep on trucking.”

To donate to Rhys Ludlow directly you can go to and in the comment section add ‘benefit Rhys Ludlow’s cause’ or call (925) 680-4994.

For more information email Shannon Ludlow at