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Laced Candy Sends OHS Student To Hospital
Oakdale police



Oakdale Police are investigating an incident where two Oakdale High School students, girls, both 14, claimed to have ingested candy laced with an unknown substance causing them to become ill.

The mother of one of the girls said she was notified by the school’s nurse on Friday, Aug. 29 that her daughter ate a piece of candy she received from a male student and was feeling dizzy, had blurred vision, and had difficulty walking.

The other 14-year-old girl was taken to Oak Valley Hospital by her parents and police were notified.

“I can’t believe the school didn’t call the police” the mother said. “Something like this is dangerous if somebody is out there giving (drug) laced candy out.”

Oakdale High School Vice-Principal Craig Redman said he could not comment about the incident.

“Any part of this I can’t discuss right now until we’ve completed an investigation,” said Redman. “I’m not confirming the story, but we are investigating.”

Local social media sites were active with information about the incident on Wednesday, Sept. 3, with many comments about the lack of notification to parents from the district.

Oakdale Joint Unified Superintendent Marc Malone said he was only aware of one female student that had been affected by the candy on Friday and that there were different versions on how the candy was actually ingested by the girl and the source of the candy was unknown.

Because of the different accounts, the district has not released anything to parents.

“There’s lots of different stories to the one account,” Malone said. “We don’t have anything we can verify at this point."

Oakdale Police Lieutenant Keri Redd said police were called to the hospital at 1:10 p.m. and met with one of the girls who said she received a piece of hard candy “similar to a green Jolly Rancher” from a friend she knew. Later, she started having symptoms and went to the school nurse.

Police received the name of the boy and went to his home for an interview.

Redd said all parties were cooperative to the extent of even allowing the boy's room to be searched and him to be interviewed.

“He said he got it from another friend,” Redd said. “Right now we’re still investigating.”

Redd said the department is awaiting toxicology reports on the one girl from tests taken at Oak Valley Hospital.