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Hospital Names New Chief Financial Officer
Hosp CFO
John McCormick assumed his new role as Oak Valley Hospital chief financial officer on May 24. He said he is looking forward to his new assignment and hopes to relocate soon to Oakdale. - photo by RICHARD PALOMA/The Leader
At the Oak Valley Hospital Governing Board of Directors meeting on May 25, Chief Executive Officer John Friel announced the hiring of a new chief financial officer for the hospital.
John McCormick, formerly of Temecula, assumed CFO duties on May 24, replacing Wayne Mills who resigned on April 30 to accept a position with another healthcare organization in Yuba City.
In an email to hospital employees, Friel stated that McCormick brought a “great depth of financial experience” to the hospital.
McCormick obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from California State University, Fullerton and an MBA from Pepperdine University.
McCormick began his career in accounting with the Fluor-Daniel Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company, before moving to the healthcare field.  He served 10 years as chief financial officer at Mountains Community Hospital in Lake Arrowhead then joined Brim Healthcare in Southern California, eventually being promoted to regional finance officer in 2003.
“I have a passion for working at hospitals in rural communities,” said McCormick. “They play an integral part in the structure of the community.”
McCormick said he plans on moving to the Oakdale area as soon as he can.
Governing board members felt McCormick’s in depth experience and knowledge of the challenges facing rural district hospitals made him a very attractive candidate for the Oak Valley vacancy.
“With more than 25 years of hands-on assignments in large and small hospitals, McCormick has an ideal background to move quickly into a new assignment and will bring immediate value and leadership to Oak Valley,” said Friel.
In other items at the meeting, the governing board addressed the Grand Jury findings regarding recently reported meeting law violations.
Friel commented to the board that the hospital is taking the findings “very seriously” and has 90 days to respond to the Jury’s findings. The hospital legal staff will work on a reply and the governing body will have a chance to review and approve the response before submission.
Governing Board Director Wendell Chun stated that the hospital’s response, when complete, would be made public at a future board meeting.