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Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty
Cat in Tree
A cat was stuck in this 75-foot Italian Cypress tree for five days since Monday. Fire Department personnel were unable to rescue the cat because the tree wouldn't support a ladder and no other equipment was available. RICHARD PALOMA/ The Leader

With the branches rustling in the rain and wind, the faint sounds of a mewing cat could be heard from the upper portion of the 75-foot Italian Cypresses in the backyard of a house on the 1800 block of Foot Hills Court. The cat’s situation was also getting lots of attention on Friday, Feb. 28 with various posts about the dilemma on social media sites

According to the Oakdale Fire Department, units responded initially on Monday, Feb. 24 for the call of the cat, that had only been partially seen but easily heard, that climbed the tree and couldn’t get down.

Unfortunately the fire department could not assist the stranded pet.

“An Italian Cypress isn’t a good tree we can lean a ladder against because the tree is so flimsy and just bends,” said Oakdale Fire Captain Dave Peterson. “We don’t have any other equipment that can get that high.”

On Friday the cat was still in the tree with an occasional faint sound letting onlookers know it was still around.

Residents of the address where the cat was stranded were not home Friday when contact was made at the address.

More than 20 Italian Cypress trees lined the backyard of the home as well as other addresses on the block.

The Italian Cypress tree can grow over 100 feet tall and in some instances have been recorded to live over 1000 years. The tree thrives in climates with hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters, such as Oakdale.

The tree is also known as an ideal nesting location for birds and rats due to its soft branches that allow access, concealment, and shelter – the reason some pondered to what lured the cat up the tree.

“Maybe PG&E can come out with its buckets on a truck,” one person who heard about the cat suggested aloud.

On Friday afternoon The Leader learned that the cat fell from the tree onto the concrete in the backyard.

The owner of the pet took the cat to a local veterinarian and it was diagnosed with no broken bones, but internal bruising on its lungs and bladder.

“She is still in "shock" stage and will know more about the stability of her situation in a few hours,” stated a Facebook post by a Seiara Kupsak  “If she does not get any worse, no surgery will be needed and she will stay at the vet and receive care until she can come home. Situation is hopeful.”