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Hair Collection Drive Aimed At Helping With Oil Spill Clean-Up
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Normal 0 0 1 37 215 oakdale leader 1 1 264 11.1287 0 0 0 The ladies at Pamyla’s Hair Studio are ready to do their part to help clean up the Gulf oil spill by collecting hair from their customer hair cuts and they’re looking for your help, too. Pictured, left to right: Vanessa Zammit, Pamyla Madonna, Megan Hendrick. - photo by Kim Van Meter/The Leader

If you’re looking for an easy way to do your part in helping clean up the oil spill currently befouling the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico, the ladies at Pamyla’s Salon and Spa have the answer: go get a hair cut.

For the next eight weeks Pamyla Madonna, owner of Pamyla’s Salon and Spa is offering 25 percent off all haircuts to people who donate their hair to the cause.

Madonna is looking for a group effort by the community, hoping for a collective joining of resources to collect hair, both human and dog, as well as chicken feathers for this unique, “green” method of oil clean up.

“In our area we could support an ongoing clean up effort,” Madonna said. “This is something anyone can do to help.”

Madonna is looking for the donation of a storage facility to house the collected hair (which is contained in plastic bags for shipping) as well as donations to help with the shipping costs. However, barring a big community movement, she is urging everyone to get involved with this cause.

All around the world people have been participating in this effort to help mop up the mess contaminating the waters.

A San Francisco-based charity, Matter of Trust, has said 370,000 salons are taking part in the cause, sending 450,000 pounds of hair and fur each day.

And Oakdale could be a part of it.

Matter of Trust, is an ecological public 501c3 charity established in 1998 that accepts hair and fur clippings to make them into sausage-shaped hair “booms” made from recycled nylons reinforced with mesh that are tied together and used to encircle and contain oil spills.

In addition to Pamyla’s Salon and Spa, Hot Cuts is also participating in this effort.

For more information on the cause go to:

Matter of Trust is also on Facebook.

To join forces with Pamyla’s Salon and Spa for a bigger effort, call the salon at 847-3938.