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CrossFit Oakdale Brings Fitness Education To Youth
CrossFit Teen students are taught the basics, as well as the importance of proper stance, body placement and control in the varying areas of their workout. Photo Contributed

There aren’t many Oakdale business owners who can say, they pursued opening their doors for kids, but that is exactly what Alison Huberty did. Huberty, along with the support of her husband, are the owners of CrossFit Oakdale.

A passion which first found her while attending NorCal Regionals in 2009. At the time she was a stay at home mom of three boys under the age of seven.

“I just saw women doing pull ups and thought I want to be able to do that,” she said of her initial interest, noting a life at the time of being overweight and facing health problems.

She began her CrossFit journey not long after attending Regionals, transitioning from gym member to coach and by December 2011, business owner.

The mother of three shared the driving force behind CrossFit Oakdale, was to offer the opportunity to kids as well as adults. Something which was not available at the gym she and her husband coached at prior.

When the gym opened in late 2011, there were two coaches, Huberty and her husband. A variety of class times were offered including one kids class. The gym occupied 1800 square feet of space. Close to seven years later, the gym now features a total of nine coaches, offers a kids class, teen class, as well as a pre-school class for children ages three to five. The current space at 1872 Ackley Circle, Oakdale is 5,500 square feet, with an adjoining room of 1,800 additional square feet.

“I grow in baby steps,” Huberty said of the business growth, from the current Ackley Circle space. “I couldn’t have started here.”

As a family oriented couple, it became important to the duo that this was translated in their business atmosphere. Huberty shared their youngest son was four at the time of opening the gym and has literally grown up in the CrossFit environment.

“It’s super important to us,” she said of the family atmosphere. “We never wanted it to feel like a shark tank. We want people to be able to bring their kids.”

There are activities for kids to stay busy while parents work out and, in some cases, kids are involved in the exercise as well.

The pre-school class was added most recently and is aimed at providing exposure and fun to children, most of which have parents who work out at the gym regularly.

“At this point whatever they do is fine,” Huberty said of the pint sized gym members. “Just as long as they’re moving.”

While she values the quality time and importance of family, she’s also mindful of the necessity for family members to attend classes suited for their age and fitness level. Of the varying kid class levels, Huberty shared the education of movement and proper body movement as critical not only for CrossFit but for their fitness future.

“It’s important to expose kids in a teaching environment versus throwing them into a gym with no supervision at sixteen and go for it,” the gym owner shared. “Being able to have them comfortable with movements here or anywhere else, knowing they’re going to be safe.”

CrossFit Oakdale student members represent a variety of students including those from charter, local school campuses or athletes looking for extra gym time.

“It’s interesting to pull from other schools,” she said, “so not everybody knows each other. It gives that sort of team aspect.”

“With this class,” she continued about the teen class, “we have the opportunity to talk about how important sleep is. How important getting out from in front of the TV is and even what are you eating.”

Huberty also feels there is significant value in empowering her clients with body awareness and embracing strength which they may not have been aware of. Knowledge and awareness, she said, which will benefit them well beyond their CrossFit Oakdale time.

“I’m surrounded by awesome people every day,” she said of the CrossFit family. “I love them so much. They’re getting stronger every day and it’s super awesome.”

For additional information on class times, fees and classes contact Huberty at (209) 345-4380 or visit