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Council Reviews Employee Performance
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Oakdale’s interim City Manager Greg Wellman appears to be doing a good job but that may not be the case with Public Works Director Joe Leach.

Following a closed door session to evaluate employee performances in a special city council session on Monday afternoon, Aug. 22, Oakdale City Council members announced to the public they had extended Wellman’s contract through Sept. 30 of 2012. He was appointed on Aug. 1.

In Leach’s case, however, they simply said they had “given direction to staff” but did not elaborate on what that direction was.

Mayor Pat Paul has been reported as saying she called for his evaluation because she had some questions about the public works department in general. The department has been criticized for a delay in completing a road intersection project and extra expenses incurred in fixing a well because the department failed to discover the problem while it was still under warranty.

Leach has served the city about two years.