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Council Candidate Has Past Rape Arrest
States Hes Dropping From Race
Jaspar Booking Photo
2007 Nevada County Sheriff's Office booking photo of Clifford Scott Jaspar from 2007 arrest for rape and penetration with a foreign object.


In a recent discovery, The Leader has learned that Oakdale City Council hopeful Scott Jaspar was arrested for rape and penetration with a foreign object that occurred in Nevada County in 2007.

Jaspar, who’s true name is Clifford Scott Jaspar, was one of three candidates interviewed on Monday for the vacant council seat that opened when Jason Howard resigned in April. During the interview Jaspar disclosed a 1991 embezzlement that led to his termination from Merril Lynch but never mentioned the 2007 sexual assault arrest.

According to a 2007 Nevada County Union report, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department stated Jaspar knew the alleged victim and had offered her $200 to pose nude for an Internet photo shoot. While he was taking the pictures, Jaspar allegedly became aroused and raped the woman.

The rape and other charges were later reduced to one count of battery in 2008 and Jaspar was sentenced to 100 days of county jail time.

When contacted at his Oakdale business, Jaspar said he didn’t want to talk about the incident and was going to withdraw from consideration and not run in November.

“I really prefer to drop this because of my business,” Jaspar said. “This is an old matter and I had it expunged from my record. I’m now going to drop from the race.”

Jaspar said at the time of the arrest he was going through a divorce and accepted the battery charge for “personal reasons.”

For more of this story, look to the May 23 issue of The Leader.