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Cops Bust Two Possible Thieves
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Police arrested two Oakdale men with outstanding warrants Wednesday, Feb. 15 after a patrol officer found the two men in a verbal confrontation on First Avenue and J Street near their illegally parked vehicle.

The officer was on patrol around 10:45 p.m. when he spotted the men, dressed in all black and arguing, which seemed suspicious given the rising tide of burglaries plaguing the city.

Upon investigation, the officer discovered Kenneth Morgan, 48, of Oakdale with an outstanding no bail warrant for prowling and his companion, a 38-year-old Oakdale transient, was found with a misdemeanor vandalism warrant. A search of the vehicle recovered bolt cutters and a vehicle alternator. Since the bolt cutters were considered burglary tools, Morgan was additionally charged with possession of burglary tools and taken into custody.

In light of recent events, police remind citizens to be extra vigilent in protecting their property by ensuring all vehicles are locked and secure, as well as all valuables have been removed from the vehicle or trailer.

Citizens are also urged to call the Oakdale Police Department if they witness any suspicious behavior and/or have been victimized in any way.

To make a report or talk to an officer, call the police station at 209-847-2231.